Revelation 19: Time to Celebrate

Revelation 19: Time to Celebrate Evangelist Searita Jones

A highlight from Evangelist Searita Jones’ sermon, “Revelation 19: Time to Celebrate,” shared at The Lakeside Church in Toronto on March 13, 2022.

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Revelation 19 – Time to Celebrate Video Transcription

You know what? Some of you may be suffering today. You may be faced with a situation. You just don’t know what to do. Be encouraged because do you know what they call that man that’s riding in on that white horse? The scripture said he is faithful and true. Faithful and true will never desert you. Faithful and true will not leave you alone. Faithful and true will stand by your side. He will walk through the fire with you. He will go through the waters with you and you will never be alone. Hallelujah.

This time Jesus is showing up as a mighty warrior. When you see a white horse, Jesus is coming in on this white horse. That is a sign of victory. It’s like you have prevailed long enough, Satan. You have ruled over this earth long enough. Now you are about to be demolished. See, the first time he came as the Savior of the world. Jesus came the first time to lay down his life for you and I, so that we might be saved. He came. They beat him. They whipped him. They spit on him. They hung our Savior to the cross. The man that came to save you and me, they hung him to the cross. They nailed his feet. They put a crown of thorns on his head.

But let me tell you something. But oh, not this time. This time Jesus came in from Heaven. He came riding on that white horse and not only did he come riding on the white horse, he had a army of angels behind him on white horses as well. He came to wage war and whenever Jesus comes to wage war, he will always win. Amen. Glory to God.

You see the word was in the beginning and now the word is fighting. This is the war of Armageddon. This is the war of Armageddon and our Savior is victorious. Amen. He comes in all his glory. He’s wearing crowns. He’s wearing many crowns on his head and what God is doing, God is actually revealing himself to us, through his son. He’s revealing himself to us and Jesus is victorious.

As he rise through, it says that he has a name written on him that no one knows. No one knows, but him. He had on a robe that was stained with blood and the blood that was on that robe is from his enemies. He crushed them like grapes in a wine press. Jesus wins the battle of Armageddon. And as we say, “Jesus is fighting in this war,” I want you to know he’s not physically fighting. His tongue. All he had to do was speak and they all died. Glory to God. I want you to know that God is coming to judge. God will judge every man, every woman, every boy, every girl. Every human being will stand in the judgment of God and his judgment isn’t for a certain class of people. It does not discriminate. Each and every one of us will be judged.

But the good news is, those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, even though we’ve sinned, even though we have done wrong and we have disobeyed him, God pours out his grace and his mercy onto us. We don’t deserve it, but that’s how much he loves us. God does not want any of us to perish. He wants each of us to make it into Heaven and that is good news. Amen.

I’m going to ask the praise team to come on back down. Hallelujah. And our text tells us that Jesus takes captive the false prophet and the beast. And we know the beast is the anti-Christ and they are the first two, to be cast into the lake of fire. This is the final and permanent place of punishment for anyone who refuses to submit or accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This is it. And just in case anyone is confused, I don’t want you to be confused. Hell is real. Hell is real. Anyone who does not accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, will spend eternity there. And don’t have the notion that maybe, okay, we go to hell. We’ll be thrown into the lake of fire and burned up and that’s it. No. I want to make sure everyone knows that our souls will live forever and ever, and ever. It will never die.

God has given us many opportunities to get it right. He has given us numerous chances to say, “yes” to his will and if you have not said, “yes” to God’s will, you have an opportunity today. You know, when unbelievers die, their souls go to a place called Hades, which means a place of the dead. And soon we’ll let you know when Hades will be emptied into that lake of fire. But when believers die, we go immediately into the presence of the Lord. I just want you to think about when you die, where will you be?

Will you go to Hades or will you be in the presence of the Lord?

I’m going to ask you to stand to your feet, please. I cannot express how important it is for us to be ready when Jesus comes. And what I like about God is, he wants us all to be ready. It’s not like he wants to… God does not want anyone to perish. No one. He wants us all to be saved. That’s why in the beginning of Revelation, the letters to the churches were written. He had them, had John pen those letters to the churches because he wanted us to examine ourselves. We have to examine our hearts. And the churches, you know for yourself, the studies, they thought they were doing everything right, but Jesus found something wrong with each and every one of them, except for one. And that was the church of Philadelphia. And he didn’t find anything wrong with that church because they kept God first and they always kept the vision for souls; for savings souls.

This pleases Jesus. And you know, in the end, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. I don’t care if you’re an atheist or Christian, you can believe or not believe. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. Amen. So this is how it is. You can either bend the knee now, or you’re going to bend it then. I believe that is the one and only time that God is going to actually demand that be done.

You’re going to be made. Every person will bow and confess that Jesus is Lord.

If you’re watching at home or if you’re in house today, we want to give you the opportunity to give your life to the Lord. It is not too late. Only thing is we don’t know when Jesus is coming back. There’s nothing else biblically to be fulfilled before his return. We do not know when he’s coming back. We do not know the day, nor the hour.

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Wise Men Still Seek Him

Searita Jones preaching at The Lakeside Church in Toronto on December 19, 2021.

Of all the characters in the Christmas story, the wise men are the most enigmatic. We know very little about them. They appear out of nowhere from an unnamed country. Because of their aristocratic background, sometimes pictured by their long-flowing robes and ornate crowns, they seem out of place in the nativity scene. Yet it is their search for Christ and their response when they found Him that reveal to us the essence of true wisdom.

The Wise Men men were very highly intelligent. They were well educated, they were wealthy, and some biblical scholars even referred to them as dignitaries in the east. And they were known as men of high esteem. But these men in the midst of their wealth, and their education, and their knowledge of the stars, knew enough that they needed a savior. And they were not so high up on their horses, and so high in statue that they could not go and search for the king.

Never let your position, or your status, keep you from seeking the Lord. The word of God says, “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into the kingdom of heaven.” But these men were very well knowledgeable of the stars. They were known as stargazers, they had studied the stars, this was their area of expertise, which is why they were able to identify the rising star. And they were able to connect that star with royalty. Because they knew what that star would lead to the savior.

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Whenever we know God and we spend time with him, nobody can tell you what thus says the Lord, because you already know for yourself. If you don’t know for yourself, they can tell you anything. That’s why it’s so important for us to remain in the word of God. And have you ever been at a point when you’re reading the word, then you start praying, then that prayer turns to worship, and then that worship turns to praise. Have you ever caught yourself in that position? I don’t know about you, but I have. There are times when I have shut myself up in the room and the next thing you know I’m shouting, hallelujah, praise you, Jesus, because the word has turned into worship for me. I believe that’s what God is looking for us to do.

And just like these wise men followed that star, that is what God wants us to do with him. You know the word of God says, “The footsteps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. These men’s footsteps were ordered by the Lord because they started out in the east, they ended up in Jerusalem, and then from Jerusalem, they were in Bethlehem. And all because they followed that star. They knew where that star was going to lead them. And I believe that God wants you and I to be wise because wise men still seek him.

Watch the video above for the Full Sermon or watch it here on YouTube.

How to Make My Addicted Family Member Feel Loved

As I’ve stated before, addiction does not only affect one person, but it impacts everyone attached to that person. And seeing a loved one fall into captivity of drugs and become someone that you don’t recognize, is absolutely heartbreaking.

Most family members want to stay in a relationship with the addict, without losing their sanity or enabling their addiction. I highly recommend addiction support and therapy because it can lead to a more permanent healing, not only for the person with the addiction but for other family members as well. So, here are a few things to consider if you have a loved one struggling with substance abuse so that the love can be restored.

Don’t Stop Loving Them

Your feelings of disappointment are real, and we understand that, but that doesn’t mean that you stop loving the addicted person. You have been disappointed probably, or maybe even embarrassed by their addiction. And you know what? That’s okay. There are always going to be ways of dealing with these feelings, and counseling and therapy are highly recommended. Addiction is a disease. It’s not bad behavior.

Understand Their Addiction

And the first step to fully understanding the addiction of a loved one is understanding that addiction is a medical condition. It’s not bad behavior. It’s not just bad choices. It’s not social problems, or morale problems, or criminal problems. It is a brain problem. Addiction is treatable. You can recover and the love can be restored as well. Educate yourself about addiction.

Dealing with an addict in the family can be emotionally and physically exhausting. It usually gets to the point where your loved one’s behavior becomes quite frustrating, just to say the least, and the best thing that you can do is educate yourself about their addiction, the traits, what to look out for the triggers, the red flags; all of these are very important.

Hang In There

It’s not unusual for relationships with loved ones to collapse, but efforts to reveal what has been lost can take place. Rebuilding the relationship is what can take your treatment to the next level, and it’s worth the effort because it lets the person addicted know that, “My family still loves me.” If the addict is your child, forgiving them is usually faster than other family members. That’s just what parents do. Parents seem to have what we call this endless love through relapses and recoveries. Other family members become tired faster and are ready sometimes to throw in the towel on the addict’s recovery faster than mothers and fathers, but we want you to hang in there and don’t give up on them.

We’re Here to Help

At Burning Love Outreach, we are here. We’re here to help you overcome your struggles, and we want your recovery to be successful. We speak out loud, so others don’t have to suffer in silence.

If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to reach out to Burning Love Outreach.

You can leave a comment below, submit a prayer request, or even share a testimony or a praise report with us.

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How to Forgive Myself After Addiction Recovery and Failure

So you completed the treatment program successfully and you say to yourself, “I got this.” And one night you run into a friend that you haven’t seen in a while.

And they ask you if you’d like to get high?

You think to yourself, “One hit won’t hurt. I got this.”

One thing leads to another, which leads to another. And the rest is history.

Well, when you finally come down from this high, you are beyond disappointed in yourself. You can’t believe you gave into temptation and one thing you learned in recovery was, you have to disassociate yourself from certain people. Those who still use, you can’t be in their company.

A relapse is one of the most frustrating experiences that you have to deal with in any recovery from any habit. And you will most likely feel guilty.

You’re going to feel ashamed, or you may even contemplate throwing in the towel.

Don’t do that! In other words, you may feel like giving up on your recovery.

Many of you go through addiction treatment programs, slip up at least once. And actually, some have numerous setbacks before reaching a full recovery. A relapse is not uncommon. If you relapse, here are some tips to help you get back on track.

You have to forgive yourself…

First of all, you have to forgive yourself. We are human and in every fight, we have to fight to keep ourselves going. And if you feel like you’re in the fight of your life and you’re losing, don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t give out. You’ll probably feel ashamed and disappointed because of the progress that you had previously made. Prepare yourself for these types of feelings. Lots of feelings actually motivate you to get back on track. Don’t sit around and just have a pity party and feel sorry for yourself. Get up, get back on track and say to yourself, “You know what, I got this.” And just like you did when you completed the treatment program, remind yourself, I can get through this.

Contact someone to help you…

If you need to, contact someone to help you. If you’re in a treatment center or a recovery program, you would have a coach or a sponsor, or a counselor, someone should be available to you if you’re finding yourself in a crisis situation. You may have to schedule a face-to-face meeting. If you’re too embarrassed to meet with them face to face, make sure you call or email, or text them. It’s important to let them know that you are struggling.

Get more treatment…

Consider returning back to treatment if you need to. Just like every addiction story is different, so is the treatment. Some places offer aftercare services as part of their original treatment plan. Think of your relapse as a part of your treatment.

Don’t look at it as a setback, just think of it as a way to complete your recovery.

So remember here at Burning Love Outreach, we’re here to help you overcome your struggles. We speak out loud, so others don’t have to suffer in silence.

If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to reach out to Burning Love Outreach.

You can leave a comment below, submit a prayer request, or even share a testimony or a praise report with us.

Also, we would love to have you, partner, with us by donating to this outreach with either a one-time donation or become one of our monthly donors.

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A Burning Love Moment

Starting in September 2021, Burning Love Outreach invites you, your family, and friends to join us for a Burning Love Moment podcast on We will discuss many issues associated with drug abuse and addiction, as well as helping individuals overcome the difficulties of life.

I, Searita Jones, am the host of a Burning Love Moment podcast and the President and Founder of Burning Love Outreach. Along with my amazing co-host, Dr. Sylvia Shipman, CEO of Jubilee Community Development Corporation.

Our guests will share their stories and struggles with us so that you, our listeners, can be empowered to live your best lives. We will help a community of people move from a place of shame and embarrassment and low self-esteem to a life fulfilled with power and boldness through a relationship with God. The conversations will not always be comfortable, but we feel led to address all aspects of drug addiction and recovery.

Now periodically, I’ll share my journey of being addicted to crack cocaine, which led to many unlawful acts resulting in numerous warrants being issued for my arrest. Our cohost, Dr. Shipman, a life and recovery coach, helps equip and empower individuals through total life-transforming events.

Are you suffering from substance abuse?

Are you struggling with difficulties in life?

Do you need help finding your way back to joy, peace, and happiness?

This podcast is for you!

We’re here to help you and your family deal with these issues. Our podcast will inspire and affect positive change in your life.

Get ready for a Burning Love Moment!

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Our First Outreach in Toronto

This is our first day of outreach as an organization and as a ministry. We went out to Queen street, downtown Toronto and I want to tell you, I have been deeply moved today by what I see in the background – these tents, these people’s homes. This is where individuals are living. We have houses to live in and food to eat, but they don’t.

We handed out treats, gift cards, and tracks to give individuals support. This will be a monthly outreach, and when you partner with us, your donations are going towards reaching those who are underprivileged and addicted to drugs.

I want you to know; we have met several people today with pipes in their hands. There’s a tent where they’re just getting high. We are going to spread the word of God. We are going to be Jesus’ hands and feet out here to them.

Thank you so much for your support.

Those Annoying Triggers

We can’t express enough that it is not uncommon for individuals who struggle with addiction to relapse at least once in their recovery process. Don’t be surprised, because it may happen a few times before they finally get it right. But, it’s very important to know what actually causes you to relapse, and whatever that may be is known as a trigger or your triggers. These things could be stress, it could be people, it could be places, it could be negativity, or any type of challenging emotion. It could be seeing or sensing an object. It could be any of these things, just to name a few. But, after identifying your triggers, a plan must be put in place to help you to stay on track.

Stress Triggers

If it’s stress, this is one of the main causes of relapse. Many people who struggle with addiction, turn to their drug of choice when they are faced with stressful situations, especially if the substance was the person’s main coping mechanism. Now, I highly recommend making a list of people, places, things, or situations that cause excessive stress. Let’s just be realistic, life itself can be stressful, and you can’t make everything just disappear out of your life because it causes you stress. But, for example, you may have been in a bad relationship or you may have financial issues. Those are two of the main causes of stress that will just cause your stress to reach the max. We want to help you to be able to handle these situations.

People Triggers

Now, your trigger could be people. It could be places. People who participated in your addictive behavior could be triggers for relapse. Just like specific places, whenever you are reminded of your addiction, have ways of handling your feelings. I have something to do. For example, go out to dinner with a sponsor, read a book, connect with others from your support groups. They are available to help you be successful in your recovery. Now, sometimes negative emotions or feelings can be a trigger. At some point or another, we all have negative or challenging emotions. But, the key is how we deal with those emotions. Learn how to face your emotions without relapsing. You could try journaling. You could take a walk. You could talk to your counselor, therapist, or even praying when you have these feelings of negativity. Seeing or sensing an object may be a trigger for you. Anything that reminds you of your addiction is a trigger.

Looking at Recovery

Let’s look at recovery, not as a quitting, but as building a new life. Let’s just look at it as you building a new life. Reflect if you need to. Remind yourself of the negative consequences you experienced when you were using. Remember all the people that you hurt, all the relationships that you destroyed because of your drug use. Don’t forget that life brought you to nothing but pain, and that light brought you to nothing about pain and hardship. We want you to be able to embrace a healthier version of your life. Second Corinthians 5:17 states, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things have passed away, and behold, all things have become new.” This could be your new testimony.

Triggers During Holidays

The last trigger that we’ll talk about today is times of celebration. We know holidays, birthdays, they can be times of relapse, and you may be feeling happier, thinking I’m in control and you may be confident of everything, but the question is, are you really able to keep it together? Here’s a little warning. People who struggle with addiction frequently lose their capacity to know when to stop. This is a great time to have someone hold you accountable for your actions. Find someone that you trust and respect to kindly, but firmly, encourage you to stop what you’re doing if you do start to relapse. Put together a plan with your sponsor, with your counselor, or your therapist on how to handle temptations and these triggers. If you go into a situation unprepared, you’re more likely to relapse, so avoid going into situations alone where you are at high risk of a relapse.
Do everything you can to protect yourself from relapsing, but don’t beat yourself up if you slip and fall.

Hope with Burning Love Outreach

At Burning Love Outreach we believe if you fall off the horse, dust yourself off and get back on. With persistence, determination, and the right counseling, you should be able to defeat your triggers.

You can leave a prayer request, give a testimony or a praise report, because we love celebrating with you.


The “Secret Sauce” in this 30-year Marriage!

Reignite a True Love Connection with special guests Pastor Darold and Co-Pastor Karen Montgomery from Life-Changing Experience Worship Center, Pensacola, FL. They will share the secret sauce that has added flavor to their marriage for over 30 years! Join my Co-Host, Sylvia Shipman, and myself, Searita Jones, for this conversation on “A Burning Love Moment!”

Interview Transcription

Below is a transcription fo part of the interview! Watch the video for the entire show.

Searita Jones:
Right into it. We are just going to start with our questions, and we want to know about that secret sauce because you two have been married over 30 years, and I am saying, “What has kept you in love?”

Pastor Darold:
Be true to our vows from a covenant standpoint. We never looked at the vows from a contract standpoint.

Searita Jones:

Pastor Darold:
What we promised to do to each other and to God, we took that serious individually. I believe when we formed that threefold cord, then God blesses what we do. We take each other seriously. While at the same time, we don’t take each other seriously because the reason why we like each other is because we are best friends. We laugh. I think laughter is one of the things that if you don’t have in your marriage, to be able to laugh with your spouse and sometimes even laugh at your spouse, you are going to miss a friend moment that can bridge the gap between irregularities, and you’re going to have those states. You got to be able to have a friend. What that brings me to is the three types of love: Phileo, that’s friendship.

Pastor Darold:
You got Agape. That’s that God type of love. Then you have the Eros, that is the romantic or erotic, where we get erotic love. Sometimes when we’re having difficulties or irregularities, we have to shift from one love to the next to get us back to what we need to because sometimes she doesn’t like me, but she always loves me. She has to lean on Agape or even Phileo to get us back to Eros, you understand what I’m saying.

Searita Jones:
I understand what you’re saying.

Pastor Darold:
We’ve tried to do that over the years, and we sneak off every now and then, because you got to take time for yourself. I think biggest thing that has worked for us is we work as a team. We work as a team. We don’t do anything. One of the things that I teach when we do premarital stuff and we do our wedding stuff, we do our marriage couples and all of that, is you give up the ‘I’ for the ‘we’. You understand that principle to give up the ‘I’ for the ‘we’ and work as a team, there’s nothing you cannot accomplish. I thank God for this, I think I did.

Searita Jones:
I know that’s right. It’s so true and you have to work as a team. To be willing to take the good with the bad and to honor your vows. I think that’s why there’s a lot of divorces because people are not honoring the vow, the covenant they made not only themselves, but with God. They forget that they made a covenant with God, and ready to throw in the towel when things get rough and smooth as you want it to go. Sylvia.

Sylvia Shipman:
Yeah. I wholeheartedly agree. Even in this, and pastor, you can help us out, Pastor Karen in Montgomery. In this pandemic that we’re in, so many people that have lost that sauce. As you know, the divorce rate has gone up and even in the body of Christ. What can you share with our listeners about how to bring that sauce back in? Because you said a powerful thing that when you don’t honor the contract, you’re honoring that commitment that you made that vow and building upon that love. What can you help the listeners with that are finding it hard during this time and literally throwing in the towel and saying, it’s done? How can they bring that sauce back in? Get those juices back going again.

Pastor Karen Montgomery:
I think that’s a good question. One of the things pastor and I have found over the years that we have to do, Sister Sylvia, is we have to sometime reinvent the wheel. I know people think that you shouldn’t, but sometimes we go through different stages and ages in our lives, and we’re not the same people we were when we were 20. We got married when we were in our twenties. One thing we do is we keep doing something else to bring back the spice. Like you said, in our twenties, we didn’t have to go off to spice up things because the spice was still there. Now we’re in our fifties. We do have to go out. We make it a point to do things together. I think that’s one of the things that has kept the spice because we’ve always made it a point, even though our lives are super busy, to do things together. Just about everything we do, we still at this point do it together.

Pastor Karen Montgomery:
I believe that is one of the secret sauce that has kept our marriage strong, healthy and invigorating. Just with a lot of fun, we like to have fun together. That’s the main thing. You got to smile and you got to laugh. You got to just let your guard down sometimes and do things out the box that you wouldn’t normally do such as, one of the things I want to do for my birthday, which was super out the box before the pandemic came was I wanted to do that break out of jail thing. What is that called? The escape room. This is not him, but do you know he did it with me? Sometimes the times we have to compromise and do things with our spouses that we wouldn’t normally want to do. That did the world for me when he did that.

Pastor Karen Montgomery:
I know that’s not his thing, but we did the break out of jail while we had on orange jumpsuits, the pastors. We had on our little orange jumpsuits when we did it. We just have fun, you have to bring that. If you lost the fun, bring it back. Bring it back into your marriage. Of course pray about it. We are always very prayerful, and we continue to ask God to give us wisdom in the marriage because you need it. We need it. Especially in this time where we’re in a home together, 24/7, you kind of need to ask God to give you what you need during this marriage.

Searita Jones:
Yeah, love it. I love it. We’re all Christians, we’re all believers in Christ. A lot of people on the outside world believed that you can’t have fun when you’re following Christ. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Can you tell us some of the things that you do? I know you said the escape room, but what are some other things that you two do to have fun?

Pastor Darold:
Well, one of the things we try to do being that we’re not only married in ministry, even we try to bring this same mindset to the church. Not just America with the marriage ministry, but to the entire church to have balance. Balance is huge in our ministry. I don’t want anybody to think that because you’re a Christian, because you’re saved, that you cannot have fun. We do all kinds of things to have fun. At the church and here’s how: 2120 Jazz, our year-end celebrations are epic in the city. We don’t do watch night. We drop in balloons. We got music, we got the arts on display. We do all kinds of stuff. We got 80s nights that we’re doing. We’re going on marriage retreats. Everybody’s dressing up in 70s. All kinds of stuff because God does not get offended when his children have fun. Believers miss that because they think they’re going to offend God if they laugh. What happens is if they develop that mentality and you don’t know how to enjoy each other, that creates a wedge and the enemy can slip in through any crack you give him.

Pastor Darold:
Sometimes I tickle her. I know how to make her laugh. They clown on me left and right. I told him, I’m going to put some cameras up in the house. I’m going to make me some money. I’m going to call Oprah and say, “You want a reality show?” You need to see that. They let me have it. I wouldn’t have it any other way at all because this is my buddy, this is my best friend. This is my ride or die. Whatever colloquialism you want to use, she’s that. I just love it.

Pastor Darold:
As long as it doesn’t offend God, as long as it doesn’t offend heaven, as long as it doesn’t contradict with the scriptures, we’re rolling. We’re going to go out to eat. We’re going to have fun. We know we can’t necessarily do the club thing, so we try to create atmosphere that the church, so the saints can have, what was the thing we did the year before? They got to dance and do their thing. We do so much, I’m trying to remember which one it was. Our Twitter award show is a big hit at the church, and different things that we do so that the saints can have an outlet. They can enjoy each other. Leave the kids at home so we can come in and just have fun because saints need that. Marriages need that. All this stuff is going on, we need a reason to laugh. Do not lose that ability to have fun with each other because if you lose that, you create a crack and the enemy needs just a sliver to get in. You try to keep him out with whatever we got.


What do you think is the greatest need in the world today? If we had more, blank, the world would be a better place. Well, I believe that the greatest need that we have today is for more love. Now, one thing we all have in common is the need to be loved. And whenever I hear someone make a statement, “Oh, I don’t want to be loved.” I find that very hard to believe because we were created out of love.

So, we all have a natural desire to be loved because that is a part of our makeup and how we were designed. Have you ever been missing something in your life and you just didn’t know what it was? Well, I find that some individuals who suffer from drug abuse and addiction, that they’re looking for something, and sometimes that something is love. That’s a major component that’s missing from most of their lives.

When I think about Jesus, was there anyone that he did not love? I believe he loved the prostitute, that tax collector, the diseased people, he loved the children, he loved his disciples. That’s who Jesus was. He was about love. And what is absolutely wonderful about his love is that it’s the same today as it was over 2,000 years ago. His love for us never changes. And as children of God, how do we stand out from everybody else?

How are we different? How will anyone know that we are children of the most high God? They will know by our love. Let’s look at John 13:34 through 35. “A new commandment,” this is Jesus speaking, “a new commandment I give to you that you love one another as I have loved you that you also love one another. And by this all, and will know that you are my disciples.”

This was a commandment to you and me. Not a request, but a commandment, which means do it. A part of loving is forgiving. Many people are missing love because they have chosen not to forgive. We must start to forgive one another. I know people do things that hurt us. They betray us, they lied, they steal, they cheat, they talk bad about us, but we must learn to forgive. And the best example of forgiveness is displayed when Jesus was hung on the cross and he cried out on behalf of those who crucified him, those who nailed it to the cross, Jesus asked God to forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

My prayer is that we learn to let go and let God. Some of us may say, Oh, that was Jesus, I can’t do it. You don’t want your life to end and there is unforgiveness in your heart. It’s not worth it. And because none of us know when our life will be required of us, it’s better to forgive and live in the freedom that it brings. Forgiveness brings about a spiritual release from bondage.

Well, you might say what if the person you are trying to love doesn’t receive it? That’s okay. It doesn’t matter if they receive it or not. What is important is that we obey a command from Jesus. Loving others isn’t always easy, but we must do it. And sometimes we try to change people to be who we think that they should be. That’s not our job. Instead, just love them just the way they are.

The Bible says that love is patient and love is kind. You and I can only give love if our hearts are full of God’s love. So, if anyone come in contact with us, I pray that they will know we are followers of Christ by our love. Proverbs 3:3 says, “Let love and faithfulness never leave you. Bind them around your neck, write them on the tablets of your heart.”

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What Should I Do If I’m In A Toxic Relationship?

Hello everyone, my name is Searita. This is Burning Love Outreach.

I want to thank you for listening to a Burning Love Moment.

Today’s topic is “What Should I Do if I’m in a Toxic Relationship?

Full Transcription

Hello everyone, my name is Searita. This is Burning Love Outreach.

I want to thank you for listening to a Burning Love Moment.

Today’s topic is “What Should I Do if I’m in a Toxic Relationship?

Well, it is well-known that in a marriage, if a partner suffers from substance abuse, cheating, or lying, that relationship is most likely heading downhill.

If someone in a relationship drinks too much, uses drugs, are lying, or cheating, the effects are going to be detrimental and will be felt by their children, their family, their friends, their co-workers, or anyone who has close contact with them. Aside from the abuser, the most hurt is often felt by the other person in the relationship. When one in a relationship suffers from any or all of these issues, you can bet there’s tension and both are often very unhappy. These problems usually create distance between the couple. Often, if an issue like this exists with one of the partners, there’s usually fighting, arguing that takes place, which could become violent.

There Is Hope!

If you or your partner is having a problem with alcohol, drugs, lying, or cheating, there is hope. There are several signs that your relationship is in trouble to the point that help from a pastor, a counselor or a treatment professional may be needed.

So you may ask, “Well, how will I know that my relationship may be toxic? What signs should I look out for?”

If arguments about money, staying out late, not taking care of responsibilities are taking place, your relationship may be toxic. If you’re having to cover for your partner by making excuses for him or her such as reporting to a boss or a co-worker that the individual is “sick” and won’t be into work, that may be a sign. If a partner state that they use drugs or cheat or lie because there is so much tension in the home and there’s so much stress, that’s a cop-out. An intervention is needed.

Clear Signs of a Toxic Relationship.

If domestic violence takes place in the home, intervention is needed. If the relationship or family as a whole becomes isolated from friends or relatives, intervention is needed. If only one of these signs is present in a marriage, it may be time for you to take stock in that relationship and do something to make it better. Whatever the problem is, it needs to be identified and addressed. It’s not unusual to hope that these things will take care of themselves over a period of time, but unfortunately, that rarely happens. The best thing to do is to get help for the issues as soon as possible. If you don’t, the problems are very likely to get worse.

What Can You Do?

Many different treatments are available that can be effective to individuals who have problems with alcohol, drugs, cheating, and lying. Some treatments involve individual counseling, some involve group counseling, and some involves self-help meeting and support groups. If you have a problem, it is worth it to enter treatment not only for you, but also for your partner, for your children, for your friends and family. This is one of the best things that you can do for your relationship. But what if your partner does not think they want to get help or don’t think that they have a problem? They may not want to be involved in counseling. Actually, some programs have help for family members and work with this very issue. They can give you some ideas and information on motivating your partner to get the help that they need. And these approaches are often very successful.

The important point is substance abuse, cheating, and lying causes damage to a marriage or a relationship, and these problems need to be treated. If the issues are not treated, there will always be conflict, there will always be arguing and fighting taking place. And we want to see our relationships work and recommend spiritual counseling and treatment for the issues.

We Are Here to Help.

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