Our First Outreach in Toronto

This is our first day of outreach as an organization and as a ministry. We went out to Queen street, downtown Toronto and I want to tell you, I have been deeply moved today by what I see in the background – these tents, these people’s homes. This is where individuals are living. We have houses to live in and food to eat, but they don’t.

We handed out treats, gift cards, and tracks to give individuals support. This will be a monthly outreach, and when you partner with us, your donations are going towards reaching those who are underprivileged and addicted to drugs.

I want you to know; we have met several people today with pipes in their hands. There’s a tent where they’re just getting high. We are going to spread the word of God. We are going to be Jesus’ hands and feet out here to them.

Thank you so much for your support.