Rise from a life of suffering, torment & addiction to one of Joy, Peace & Positivity.


Inspired by God, Burning Love Outreach is based on the real-life experiences of its founder, Searita Jones. Led by the Holy Spirit, she traveled from a life of darkness and despair suffering from drug abuse and addiction to be reborn to a life filled with light, hope, and love. Her goal is to see others experience that same joyful rebirth to be bigger, bolder, and more valuable than they have ever imagined.

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Searita Jones – Founder & President

Don’t Give In, Don’t Give Out, & Don’t Give Up.

Searita Jones’ Story Featured on 100 Huntley Street

Have you ever felt like giving up? Searita Jones shares her story on 100 Huntley Street with Cheryl Weber.

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Latest Inspiration On the Blog

  • Our First Outreach in Toronto
    This is our first day of outreach as an organization and as a ministry. We went out to Queen street, downtown Toronto and I want to tell you, I have been deeply moved today by what I see in the background – these tents, these people’s homes. This is where individuals are living. We have houses to live in and food to eat, but they don’t. We handed out treats, gift cards, and tracks to give individuals support. This will be a monthly outreach, and when you partner with us, your donations are going towards reaching those who are underprivileged […]
  • Those Annoying Triggers
    We can’t express enough that it is not uncommon for individuals who struggle with addiction to relapse at least once in their recovery process. Don’t be surprised, because it may happen a few times before they finally get it right. But, it’s very important to know what actually causes you to relapse, and whatever that may be is known as a trigger or your triggers. These things could be stress, it could be people, it could be places, it could be negativity, or any type of challenging emotion. It could be seeing or sensing an object. It could be any […]
  • The “Secret Sauce” in this 30-year Marriage!
    Reignite a True Love Connection with special guests Pastor Darold and Co-Pastor Karen Montgomery from Life-Changing Experience Worship Center, Pensacola, FL. They will share the secret sauce that has added flavor to their marriage for over 30 years! Join my Co-Host, Sylvia Shipman, and myself, Searita Jones, for this conversation on “A Burning Love Moment!” Interview Transcription Below is a transcription fo part of the interview! Watch the video for the entire show. Searita Jones:Right into it. We are just going to start with our questions, and we want to know about that secret sauce because you two have been […]

Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad.

– Proverbs 12:25

Meet the Leaderhip Team

Serita Jones

Searita Jones

President & Founder

Raised in Pensacola, FL., Searita never imagined that she would become Founder and President of a Christian based outreach.  Although she grew up in a Christian environment and served in many capacities in church, it was not until August 8, 2011, after having an encounter with the Holy Spirit that she dedicated her life to The Lord.  She is an Associate Minister of Higher Heights Prayer and Deliverance Ministry, Bloomfield, CT, and Elder at The Lakeside Church, Toronto, ON along with being involved in various other church ministries.

Searita is an inspiration and today, she shares her personal testimony of the many struggles and sufferings from a life of drug addiction to one that is filled with love, power and hope.  She is passionate about helping others overcome the darkness and despair of drug addiction so they can be empowered to experience a greater life than ever imagined.  

She resides in Canada with her husband Tim who is her biggest supporter.   She enjoys entertaining in her home, traveling with Tim, and loves spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Timothy Harshaw

Vice President

Tim was born in Toronto and has lived in and around this amazing City, as he calls it, his entire life.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and love of business Tim enjoyed operating his own Retail Store, Tim Harshaw Clothiers Ltd. for fifteen years in Uxbridge before returning to Toronto to become a successful Real Estate Salesperson in 1986. A profession he enjoys to this day.

Life has not always been a box of the proverbial chocolates for Tim and his family. His son and pride and joy, Jimy abused alcohol and other substances at a very early age and eventually succumbed to addiction-related illness at far too young an age. There is no pain that a parent can endure quite like that of burying his or her child.

Perhaps it was this very sad and tragic life experience that prepared Tim to be the primary backer and support system for his wife Searita’s passionate calling.

Querita Jones


Querita was born in Pensacola, FL., and moved to Massachusetts when she was 10 months old. She was raised and educated in New England until deciding to move back to her hometown in 2012.

She earned her degree from Pensacola State College majoring in Business Management and is employed by a financial institution as a Performance and Development Analyst. Also, she is a successful Paparazzi Accessories Consultant.

Querita desires to see others move from a life of darkness to one where they can tap into their greatness, use their gifts, and live a fulfilling life dedicated to The Lord.
She’s a faithful leader at Life-Changing Experience Worship Center and serves in many capacities. Her hobbies include exercising, reading, writing, and watching movies.

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