Should You Trust Someone After Lying?

Should You Trust Someone After Lying?

Trust is essential in every relationship. I don’t care what type of relationship you are in. There must be trust. Trust is the result of trustworthy actions. Should you trust someone after they have lied to you?

Should You Trust Someone That Has Lied To You?

I want you to ask yourself this question, have I ever lied and was sorry about the lie that you told? If your answer is yes, then yes, you should trust a person who has lied, especially if they admitted they lied and they repent and come and ask for your forgiveness. We all tell lies because we’re afraid of the consequences of the truth, but forgiving a person who has lied to us means that we will no longer hold that against them. Not only does it free them, but it releases as you.

How Do I Trust Them Again?

Now, that doesn’t mean that the relationship will return to where it was before. In all honesty, trust takes time to rebuild. What rebuilds trust is trustworthiness. But don’t forget, God calls us to forgive. Forgiving one another is based on God’s forgiveness of us. He doesn’t wait for us to be trustworthy before he forgives us. With that same measure, we should forgive. Remember, the goal of forgiveness is reconciliation, not separation.

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