Overcoming Daily Struggles

Do you struggle daily with the urge to use?

This is for the people who have decided to put an end to their drug use habits.

Here is some encouragement so that you can be successful again in your recovery. 

One of the things that you have to develop is self-control.

Will it be easy? 

No, it will not be easy!

But you can do it once you have determined in your mind that you are going to put your best foot forward in your recovery.


Self-discipline is something that you have to build up, 

Something you have to create, and you have to learn by controlling your behavior. 

You have to know that there may come a time when you’re not successful at it. 

If you’re not successful at not using anymore, guess what?

When you fall off the horse, you get back up, and you get back on. 

Don’t become discouraged because you may have failed. 

Get back up, 

make up your mind again.

Put your best foot forward again, and try your best to be successful in this process.

You have to do to control and handle the urge is when you have that urge to use is to plan. 

Planning Ahead

You have to have a plan ahead of time. 

Don’t wait until you’re caught in the midst of having an urge to use and think you’re going to come up with a plan. 

No, come up with a plan when you have come off of your high. 

You’re thinking clearly, and you’re at a place where you can make an effective plan so that you will not use again. 

Plan ahead; that’s going to be the first thing you have to do. So, you can have in mind that I’m going to calling my sponsor. 

If I have the urge to use, I’m going to reach out to my sponsor, or I’m going to reach out to a friend. 

You know what? 

You can actually reach out to Burning Love Organization also. 

We will be here for you to help you. 

If people are not available, you need to have a backup plan, okay? 

If plan A is to call your sponsor, call a friend, call Burning Love, and we’re not available for whatever reason. 

You have to have plan B, 

An activity or something you would do to keep your mind occupied so that you do not use. 

Have a plan.

Nine times out of 10 urges happen when individuals have decided that they’re not going to use drugs anymore.

How To Become A Winner

The next thing we want to say is stick with winners. 

AA uses this slogan called to stick with winners. By stick with winners, you will reach out to those who have been successful in their recovery process. 

If you have become involved with a recovery group, there are usually people, counselors, sometimes ministers, or sponsors there who will help you. 

They would give you their contact information so you can stay in touch with them if you have the urge and need to reach out with someone. 

So you have to stick with the winners.

You should develop a relationship with them.  

If you have been a user and your friends that you associate with are users, you’re going to have to sever those ties. 

You’re going to have to cut those ties because people who are still using are not going to help you in your recovery process. 

This is a step that you have decided to take that you have chosen and made up in your mind that you are not going to use anymore. 

You’re going to have to sever those ties with other people you know using to move forward and make the changes in your life for the betterment of yourself. 

You’re going to have to make some new friends. 

That’s when these winners come in handy. 

You can start associating and talking to people who are going to encourage you in this process that you have taken on.

What To Do When You Are Tempted

Some of the things that you can do when you are tempted. As you will be tempted, especially in the beginning. 

You need to come up with different activities and things that you can do. 

I want you to know that whenever the urge has come along, they are time-limited. 

It will not last for a long time, but the urge has come, and it is strong. 

You do have to practice self-discipline in order not to give into those urges. 

They will subdue, but you’re going to have to have something in place. 

Maybe go for a jog or take on some physical activities. I know someone who decided to start exercising in place of using. 

They began to get in shape and eat healthily and go for jogs and go for runs, and now their body feels good. 

They have more energy, and they’re so glad that this is something that they weren’t doing before. 

They hadn’t exercised in years, but now they’re exercising, and your body feels good.

So you’re going to have to get active. 

Maybe, if you like to journal and write, you could start journaling. 

Who knows what that journal can turn into? 

It could turn into your story, your testimony of how you process, moved through the process of your recovery. 

Also, you might want to get a hobby. 

Start doing something. 

Some people are crafty. They start doing crafts. Maybe you might want to start building things. 

During the pandemic, some people started painting and doing artwork. 

They never thought that they were a painter and turned out they’re making some beautiful artwork. 

Find something to occupy your time so that you can be successful in overcoming these daily struggles that may come your way.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out

We welcome you to reach out to Burning Love Outreach. We are here for you. 

If you need prayer, want to share a testimony, or want to contact us, simply click one of these links. 

There’s a place where you could donate. You could give a one-time donation, or you could become a monthly donor. If you feel called to partner with us, by donating, click here. 

We can continue at Burning Love Outreach to inspire and encourage and reach out and speak to those struggling with drug abuse and addictions.

I hope that you have a blessed day. 

I hope that this message helped someone out there. 

If you ever want to reach out to Burning Love Outreach, we are here for you.

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