Making the Right Choices

Every day we are faced with a series of choices and the best choices.

We can choose to make the right or wrong choice.

How do we be sure to make the right choices that don’t cause us to slip up?

How to Make the Right Choices

If you happen to run into an old friend who used to use drugs with you and they invited you to stop by their place,

you have a choice to make.

You can choose to either go and risk your recovery

or you can choose to say no and stay on the path to the goals that you have created for your recovery.

With addiction,

you have many choices to make,

and you will choose to avoid people, places, and things that are at risk for you,

or you will choose to risk it all and have a possible relapse.

We don’t want you to have a relapse.

What we try to encourage you to do at Burning Love Outreach is to have dignity,

be serious about your recovery,

show self-control

so that you can make the right choices and the best choices for you.

Sometimes you may decide to enter into a rehab program.

You may decide to join a support group.

You may choose to get a sponsor.

Those are very good choices for you,

and we know that sometimes you’re dealing with good and bad,

and the temptation is out there.

But we are trying to encourage you to make the right choice because the right choice is going to prepare you for the rest of your life.

What my suggestion is,

if you’re caught in the middle of temptation,

to just stop,

take a deep breath,

count to 10, and

just ask yourself some questions,

Will this choice that I’m about to make, risk my recovery?

Could I possibly end up in jail?

Could it hurt someone that I love and care about?

All of those things are very important when you are in a predicament where you have to make a choice,

and we hope that you will always choose to make the right choice.

If You Fall, Get Back Up

We want you to be okay with the choices that you make

sometimes when you don’t make the right choice,

you will start beating yourself up because you made the wrong choice.

Even if you relapse,

I want you to make a choice,

encourage you today to make a choice to get up,

brush yourself off

say, “Okay. I’m getting back on the right track again, I’m going to put my best foot forward and continue with my recovery.”

We are here for you at Burning Love Outreach also to help to point you in the right direction,

to help to encourage you to consider the choices that you make so that you can do the right thing.

You may even want to enroll in school again. You may want to get a job.

Things like that that will help you to be able to be a productive person in society again,

You can be proud of yourself.

Your loved ones will be proud of you,

You’ll be conscious of the things that you’re doing so that you can stay on the right track.

Your Past Does Not Define Who You Are

Remember, the past is the past.

The past does not define you.

Your future is right ahead of you.

If you now, right now decide to make the right choices,

your future can be brighter, better, bigger than ever before,

more than what you have ever imagined.

We know that Jesus came, that you may have a life, and have an abundant life.

That’s what Jesus said he came for,

We want you to have that abundant life,

but you can only have an abundant life if you start making the right choices.

We want to be here for you, to encourage you, to support you.

The choices that you make right now is going to be very important,

we pray that your sobriety,

your addiction to drugs will be a thing of the past

you can be a support and encouragement for someone else down the line in the future who may be dealing with drug abuse and addiction.

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