Interview With Apostle Sylvia Shipman

She is a minister, she’s an intercessor, a counsellor, and holds an honorary doctoral degree in theology. She’s a mighty vessel of God, and she operates under the healing and prophetic anointing. A life coach, a recovery coach. She is also the founder of I Am That I Am seminars, Destiny Consulting, and Jubilee Community Development Corporation. She’s a wife, and she has been married to Calvin for 21 years. They have two sons, Jeremiah and Timothy. They reside in the beautiful Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area of Virginia. Meet Apostle Sylvia Shipman.

What Are The First Steps Of Recovery?

Just in my training and working with individuals, the first thing individuals must do is admit that there is a problem. You and I may see the problem. Everyone around them may know the problem. But they must recognize that it is a problem. Therefore, the process begins when they say, “Hey, I have a problem with substance abuse. I have a problem with street drugs,” or whatever their addiction may be. Here the platform is substance abuse, drug usage abuse. Therefore, the individual must admit that I have a problem.

That is the first step. Once they realize that it is a problem, then the healing begins, the work starts. That individual usually is open for change at that point because some of us have experienced that. Without loved ones or whoever we keep talking to and talking to them and talking with them, it’s like, “I don’t have no problem. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” When they get to that place that they recognize it’s a problem, the process began at that point. The first step is acknowledging that you have a problem. Not us saying you have a problem but must admit that they have a problem and then move from there.

What Is The Difference Between Drug Abuse And Drug Addiction?

Now you know that it’s a little slight differentiation there. Drug abuse is a habitual taking of addiction to illegal drugs. Drug abuse can be compulsive, excessive, and self-damaging the use of habit-forming drugs or substances. Addiction, that’s one lead into the other. The addition is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. When a person takes a drug and abuse that drug, it could easily slide into addiction.

When we see people abusing drugs, we automatically say they are addicted to drugs. But the abuse would turn into an addiction. Still, when we see it in our natural eyes and the person just taking drugs, taking drugs, and taking drugs, just because they feel like they need the drugs, it can become addicted to the medication.

Advice To Young People Who Are Being Offered Drugs For The First Time

That’s a good question because we’re dealing with marijuana being legalized, and now people feel like, “Hey, it’s just marijuana.” But we know that when you start creating an addiction, it opens the doors for many. Some parents will say, “Well, I tried marijuana. It’s okay. I’m fine,” and they will not correct that child to say, this is not the path that I want for you. We always say to the child, “Just say no,” but that’s hard to say no. I still like to give the child a sample like this, okay, what is it profiting you to use marijuana? They don’t know how to answer when I say, “Okay if you continue to use marijuana, how is it profiting you?” Then they still are like, “I don’t know,” because they are doing it because their peers are doing it. Everybody’s doing it. Remember, we got so many things feeding our eye gates, our ear gate, and formulating our decision.

The children nowadays, and of course we can say back in our day, we had these same temptations, but it’s, on the whole, another level now where these things are everywhere, on television and everything. I mean, they’re turning the marijuana and put it in these pretty long like cigars. You think they are smoking the cigar, and they are passing around marijuana. All these things are formulating our children’s thinking, and they make them believe that it’s cool, and it’s okay. We have to be the voice in our children here.

When they lay down, I always tell my boys that I want you to hear my voice in your ear. “mom does not like this. Mom has a problem with this”. Somebody’s going to be in their ear. I will advise the parents; you be the voice in your children’s ear.

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