How to Trust Yourself After Failure – Addiction Recovery

Relearning how to trust yourself is an essential part of a successful recovery. Self-trust will help you believe in yourself.

How to Start

Once you start believing in yourself, you would develop a mindset to work hard at your rehabilitation. Then you will be less likely to give up, and your journey towards sobriety will most likely be successful. Self-trust is like having an internal GPS. You know where to go next, you trust your decisions, both big and small, and you’re willing to take risks. I like that because when you start to rely on yourself, you won’t fear the failure of making a mistake. The process of restoring your self-trust will take time, patience, and commitment, but it is possible.

Become someone that you can rely on. Please take on the mindset of learning to be reliable and accountable to yourself. Do your best to keep promises, to be on time, stick to the goals that you’ve set, show up for yourself, and show up for others.

Don’t Forget to Celebrate

Acknowledge your accomplishments. Celebrate the mini-milestones and victories along the way. This will help build your confidence, which is key to building self-trust. Focus on the now. Dwelling on past mistakes would do you no good. That actually will hold you back. But developing a new relationship with yourself and leaving the past behind is going to benefit you. After you’ve done this, set and achieve goals. If you set yourself up to win, you will boost your belief in your own abilities. Be patient with yourself and the process. Your recovery is a lifelong process, and you may have relapses, you may fall, but if you do get up, dust yourself off and start the process all over again. Learn from all your mistakes. Remember, you are accountable to only yourself.

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