Ashley Palmer - Her struggle with Alcoholism, Drugs & Binge Eating - Ashley Palmer on A Burning Love Moment

Ashley Palmer Shares Her struggle with Alcoholism, Drugs & Binge Eating

“The Queen of Relapse,” Ashley Palmer, from “Celebrate Recovery” will share her struggle with Alcoholism, Drugs & Binge Eating.

This interview is taken from a Burning Love Outreach Podcast.

I, Searita Jones, am the host of a Burning Love Moment podcast and the President and Founder of Burning Love Outreach. Along with my amazing co-host, Dr. Sylvia Shipman, CEO of Jubilee Community Development Corporation.

Our guests share their stories and struggles with us so that you, our listeners, can be empowered to live your best lives. We will help a community of people move from a place of shame and embarrassment and low self-esteem to a life fulfilled with power and boldness through a relationship with God. The conversations will not always be comfortable, but we feel led to address all aspects of drug addiction and recovery.